Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nothing scrambles your artistic brain quite like trying to draw a reclining, foreshortened pose from life! But you don't do it because it's easy, right? I was not entirely happy with the portrait though I felt some of the experiments I did on it warrant further investigation.


Nik said...

Some really cool things happening in that portrait. Are you familiar with Nathan Fowkes? He does some real magic with charcoal.
Nice job on the foreshortening, too. There is some nice atmospheric perspective to help sell it, though I wish there was stronger contrast on the elbow coming towards us, it gets lost instead of coming forward.

Jason Cheng said...

Thanks for the comments! I am aware of Fowkes' work and the skill he works with the charcoal is simply absurd :) There's a lot of potential in texture-making with this technique, almost like finger-painting with charcoal.

Your point on the elbow being lost is a fair one; I was more concerned with making the far shoulder to read right at the time, with the right amount of contrast to the head. This is probably why the elbow landed in a slightly awkward middle ground.