Wednesday, November 16, 2011

paints from last weekend...

I will defeat you, maddening skin tones! >:( Which reminds me I should get a decent tablet PC if I were to continue doing these studies, as the slow laptop and its crummy screen just isn't going to cut it.


Nik said...

Kickass bike! Really solid handling of the values and greys, not an easy thing to do. The emptiness of the top-left corner is disturbing me though, especially in the thumbnail view. It doesn't feel atmospheric to me, just feels like you ran out of steam earlier than you should.
Still, the focus is on the bike, and the bike looks fantastic. The purple/violet cockpit brings in some nice colour variation, too.

Nik said...

As for skintones, Bouguereau and Repin/other Russian realists are your friends. The former for pasty Venus skin, the latter for dirty sunburnt peasant skin.
Donato Giancola also has an excellent writeup on how to think about skintones on the mnuddycolors blog:

Jason Cheng said...

Thanks for the critique!
Yeah, I think what happened was that initially I only wanted the bike with a simple background, then as layers get added, it started to spiral out of hand and everything started to look super busy. Then as panic sets in, I had to dial it back and keep the bike in focus, thus the 'relief area' that I keep just enough detail to convey the space. Doing a complex scene like this there's always the challenge of mental fatigue, and I felt I've learned a thing or two on how to manage it better. I'll revisit later on and maybe I'll get it right, maybe not.

As for the skin tones, I was aware of the conversation we had when I did the study, but I then ran into the problem - What do you do when you paint the nude figure, when there's lots of skin tones on the canvas and organizing them through temperature is conflicting to what you see? Again, I had to backtrack in certain areas to make the colors work, and hopefully for the better of the painting.
The Donato tutorial certainly helped ;)